At Shepherd Christian School, each person called to serve our children and families - teachers, faculty, staff, and administration - embrace that we are a ministry first, and an academically-excellent educational institution next.

Those who serve here and earn their living by following the call that has been placed on their hearts to impact the Kingdom for His glory strive for excellence day-in and day-out, as we understand we are not only serving students and families but our Lord, Jesus Christ, every day.

Do you have a desire to serve in a school system with a strong Biblical foundation? Do you feel a calling has been laid on your heart to impact our community and world, in His name? If so, we invite you to consider Shepherd Christian School and review our current career opportunities.

Impacting the Kingdom, which occurs in many different ways but is demonstrated in all positions here at God's school, has immeasurable rewards. Being part of the Shepherd Christian School’s mission to develop students with a heart for God brings fulfillment and joy that can only be experienced by knowing that you are serving in His name.

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with Shepherd Christian.

Application Procedures

  1. Preview Current Openings.

  2. Prepare a one-page cover letter naming the title of the opening and including a brief introduction, Christian testimony, and church involvement.

  3. Prepare an up-to-date resume, listing all personal contact information, detailed educational credentials, and work experience.

  4. Submit resume and cover letter to

  5. The administration will review resumes and cover letters.